Make your tenants happy

Add the Picadon marketplace to your properties, as a simple way to benefit your tenants with gifts, products and services. 

Maximize NOI and increase property value by better monetization of your tenant base and rental portfolio.

Hassle-free, quality giving

We curate high quality, sustainable-first gifts, products and services from vetted sellers, and handle orders, payments and deliveries

Deliver our marketplace into existing tenant apps/portals through API or create a property specific online-store tailored to your brand and property identity.

Fintech-fueled, cash-flow friendly

Use our wallet to provide tenants with welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards or discounts as purchase credits, and pay only when the credits are used for marketplace purchases.

Make the most out of your portfolio

Feature retail, commercial and hospitality customers in your, or your investors portfolios, to your residential tenant base. 


Our goal is to make sure that you get the most out of your deposit and feel good about what you can do for the people and planet. We only take fees that are neccesary to start an investment.


Per year

Advice, dissemination of your orders, ongoing monitoring of your investment and for picadon’s platform.

0,15 - 1,05%

Per year

Asset manager’s administration and investment expertise. The cost depends on your investment.

0,1 - 0,4%

Per year

You pay Saxo Bank to trade and store your investments. In addition, there are also costs when trading on a stock exchange.


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